Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jim Deneven's Really Big Circles

Actually the largest free hand drawing on earth. Its all been washed away by now, but the pictures are still really cool.

This particular work was done in a few months ago in Nevada, but the artist has done a lot of similarly themed stuff in the past. Check out his website for more.

Stony Brook University Hospital

I live across the street from the Stony Brook University Hospital and I walk by it on my way to work every morning. While it is a renowned teaching hospital, it is also a fully functioning moon base.

On Pengiuns, Apples... and Vistas?

It seems I will be learning some programming while I'm at Stony Brook. At the very least, I'm going to have to become more adept at using multiple operating systems. My lab uses a network of windows machines mainly for writing papers and presentations and such. There is also a group of "big" computers running on linux which are used for image processing and data analysis. In addition, everyone also has their own personal computers which, more often then not, are macbooks.