Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Posting will be on hiatus until further notice.  A higher authority (my boss) has dictated that my project is due in 3 weeks instead of in 10.

EMA- Grey Ship

I was planning on making a mix of my favorite music of the year so far, but I'm losing interest in 8Tracks.  So instead, I'm going to just post some streaming links.  This way I'll get to talk a little about each song and link to some neat stuff by each artist.

First up is "Grey Ship" by EMA.  This is probably my favorite song off her solo album and is definitely the most ambitious.  Its about five songs in one and all of them are really good.  The album has received a lot of attention, but I still think its rather underrated.  This is based on absolutely nothing, but I'm guessing her next album will be a gigantic breakout hit.

EMA- Grey Ship

Though I hadn't heard of Gowns before I listened to the EMA album, I've since become a retroactive fan.  Given that EMA was in Gowns, it makes sense that they have a very similar sound.  Gowns' sound is probably more ambitious, but I think the EMA album is more listenable.  Hopefully as more people hear the EMA album, more attention will be given to both projects.

Gowns- White Like Heaven