Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jack Kirby's The Prisoner

For those who don't know, Jack Kirby is basically the most important artist in American comics.  I was looking for images from his 4th World material and I came across uncolored pages from a comic version of The Prisoner written and drawn by Jack Kirby.  It was never published, but had it looks like it would have been as trippy as his version of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  I think this is just about the coolest thing ever.


Can someone explain to me why fax machines are necessary in 2010?  I can send documents through e-mail just as securely and it doesn't cost me anything and is much faster.  E-mail also has the benefit of not inspiring rage in all who use it (well, most).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cowboys and Aliens

This is so stupid that it might be the greatest thing ever.

Even if this is absolutely terrible, casting James Bond as a cowboy with alien weaponry so ridiculous that its kind of genius.

Green Lantern

Certain fans of Green Lantern that I know may disagree, but I think the trailer looks terrible.  I really have no interest in the movie after seeing this:

In general I'm mostly ambivalent about the Green Lantern comics.  If the creative team is good- like Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons level good- I think the concept can go in some interesting directions.  Otherwise its just issue after issue of paint by the numbers American superhero comics.  With that said, as a character, Green Lantern is rather popular with the 200,000 people who still read superhero comics month to month though, so it makes (absolutely no) sense that they are making the hugely expensive blockbuster movie.

The trailer makes it look like DC is trying to replicate the success of Marvel's Iron Man, but with an even more boring protagonist (Tony Stark is only ever interesting when he is Robert Downey Jr, Hal Jorden is never, ever interesting) and a much less talented cast and crew.  Couple that with the obnoxiously obvious CGI and I really have no interest in seeing this.