Thursday, November 25, 2010


For no reason at all, here is a random scene from a random episode of The Venture Brothers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm too lazy to write full a full post...

...actually I'm just too tired.  So instead of writing out anything resembling a coherent post, here is a collection of odds and ends typed out at random.

1.  I piloted my labmates experiment today, making this my fourth fMRI in three months.  My advisor has joked about using my brain to track neural deterioration over the course of the semester.  She is mostly joking.

2.  Anatomical MRI scans (especially the MPRAGE) sound like a a really intense music cue from Inception... just drawn our for five minutes.  I can't tell if this means I've been scanned too many times, or if I see to many movies.

3.  I saw Harry Potter 7.1 last night with a bunch of people.  I enjoyed it, though the Harry Potter superfans in the crown enjoyed it more.  The inclusion of Nick Cave in the soundtrack was... strange, but cinematography was very nice and the story kept me interested for two and half hours.  I'm guessing 7.2 will be all action and Mrs. Weasley swearing at people.

4.  Literally all the previews before Harry Potter were for sequels or movies based on a book/comic book.  Here is where I reiterate how bad I think the Green Lantern movie looks.  Showing this preview immediately before Green Hornet seemed awfully redundant.

4.  I just found out that there is a California Pizza Kitchen on campus, and that it is absurdly popular.  There are many things wrong with this, not the least of which is people wanting to get pizza ostensibly from California while in New York.  To be fair, the local pizza places are rather mediocre and I've actually had some really good pizza in San Francisco.  My point still stands.

5.  Greek pizza is better than New York style in every conceivable way.  Sorry rest of the country, New England wins again.  

6.  Despite it being November, my advisor is planning on having a lab barbecue at some point in the near future.  Since she just returned from San Diego, I think her perception of the weather is off somewhat.  I'm also the only person in the lab who has ever actually barbecued anything.

7.  Because of the holiday this week, the university has switched the schedule for today and tomorrow.  Today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, and every single undergrad is confused.

8. I liked Duncan Jones' last movie, Moon, a lot and the preview for The Source Code looks interesting, but I thought Quantum Leap was already a thing that existed.

9.  There still isn't any more word on how the latest rounds of university budget cuts are going to affect the department.  Though with the rate people are taking leaves of absences (something like 7 students in the last year, plus some who dropped out last year), that might become less of a problem.