Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm moving again?

So I've been living on campus in a two bedroom apartment with three other people for the last six weeks. Needless to say it was not the best of situations. The apartment is cleaned only enough to prevent the mildew in the bathroom from achieving consciousness and exacting its revenge on those of us who vainly attempt to combat mold and fungal infection. My roommates are especially anti-social, one moved out and I did not know for days after. Another came home with a bag of whole fish which he promptly left on the counter for hours before they disappeared to parts unknown Because of all of this, my office and I have become good friends, as I haven't felt the need to venture home except to sleep and eat.

Um... yeah it does not really look like this. Thanks Stony Brook.

Anyways, when I first moved in I complained pretty vocally to the management about the apartment not being cleaned between the last tenants moving out and myself and my illustrious roommates moving in. Apparently by doing this, I was put on some sort of waitlist for better housing. This week, I was informed that a single room was available in another apartment in the same compex I live in now. I toured the apartment this morning, and it is significantly nicer (and cleaner) than my current situation.

So for the second time in six weeks, I'm going to by moving. I'll be glad to have my own room again and hopefully be free from whole fish on the counter and presentient mildew. I'll probably be moving again once my lease is up, but at least I'll have my own room from now on.

Mildew: It really only looks like this under 3D confocal imaging and in my bathroom.

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