Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Sox in New York

With the crazy hours I've been keeping and no tv, its been difficult to keep up with all the Red Sox post season shenanigans. I was going to keep up with everything on the radio, but it turns out the only a.m. stations I can get are insane talk radio people. As fun as it is to listen to the most racist conversations about Barack Obama I could imagine or about how our secret alien overlords are trying to control us through messages encoded in The Day After Tomorrow, I really just wanted to hear some baseball.

After hunting around online I found a few options of varying legality. Somewhat suprisingly, the best option was offered by major league baseball itself which has a deal where for a few bucks I could stream any baseball broadcasts off the MLB site. Its called and aside from some small sound quality issues, it works pretty well. I mean, it sounds fine on my laptop speakers, but I can pick up the compression in my headphones. However, for the price (and the internet connectivity in my apartment) it works well.

Apparently if your Phil or someone else crazy enough to want to do this, you can stream multiple video feeds at the same time to keep track of every game as it happens. Since there is only two games happening every day now... and I only care about one of them... I just chose the radio option. I'm thinking next year, I'll have to invest in the yearly package so I can annoy my office and lab mates 160 times next year.

Oh, and apparently Jacoby Ellsbury has a blog now? Actually as far as blogs go, I think Curt Schilling's is better.


Phil said...

I would never stream the Sox and Yankee games to just to see if the Yankees are losing... never

DeliriousJAB said...

You could watch every game at the same time... even the Nationals. Although they don't really play games so much as professional embarrassment spectacles.