Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its snowing on Long Island

So we had our first snow of the winter and people are freaking out. There is not even enough snow to make a decent snow fort (not that I'd want to...), but at least the eight hundred "raise plow for speed bump" signs in my apartment complex are getting some use.

In other news, its the end of the semester. Consequently I am incredibly busy with my own work and dealing with tons of students coming in to my office hours to check their exams or try to boost their grade 20-30 points. Its really quite fun.

I don't have any real finals myself, just tons of papers to write, articles to read, and statistics to write out. Basically I'm as busy as I always was at the end of the semester.

In an effort to curb my productivity, I signed up for a free trial of Netflix so I could check out their new video streaming service. The selection is limited but not bad. The main problem is that the video quality changes dramatically with you connection speed. By the time I finished with the first movie, the picture looked really bad. For now I'm going to stick to Hulu even if their selection is more limited.

My roommates are becoming increasingly passive aggressive. Apparently I offend them with my cooking and flossing and such. I'm just going to ignore it and move out at the end of my lease. So far I've had my dishes put on the floor and floss put on my doorknob. I think there is an explanation for all of this but if they aren't going to tell me, I'm not going to ask.

With The Shield ending in spectacular fashion, I find myself in need of some new dramatic episodic television. Lost and Battlestar Galactica start back up in January. Battlestar Galactica looks like it'll be good and Lost... well... the island can teleport now. Even the trailer is ridiculously dramatic.

Finally, want to see the strangest sitcom of all time? Check out Rabbits. I think its a statement about something... something complety incomprehensible.

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