Wednesday, January 7, 2009

D is for Door

So apparently there was some maintenance done in my apartment when I was away. So far the only improvements that I have noticed is that one of our showers now doesn't work and all the rooms in the apartment, including the bathrooms and closets, are labeled.

I live in the D room, store my food in kitchen 1, and generally keep my coat in closet 2. Keep in mind there is only one kitchen and a single closet.

So far, campus is pretty dead. Even my apartment complex, which is mostly graduate and medical students is quieter than usual. Its even possible to find a parking space. Things will pick up I'm sure when graduate students and faculty start returning.

As evidenced by my last post, I am attempting to acquaint myself with the myriad of software required to analyze fMRI data. I'm also working on some image formatting using Photoshop so I'll be raging against the machine for most of the next few months.

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