Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blast of Silence

The lost link between film noir, hardboiled pulp fiction, and do-it-yourself independent film.

This is a small film, both in running time and in scope. Over the course of 77 minutes, we watch as a Frankie Bono, low-level hitman, sets up and executes a job. On screen, Frankie appears withdrawn and detached, albeit professional. In contrast, the film's narration portrays him as antipathetic and confident. Rather than detract from the film this contrast adds depth to Frankie's charactor. The narration reflects his innermost thoughts and feelings, the lies (or truths) he tells himself to justify his actions, and how he sees himself in the face of his profession.

If you can find this, I highly reccommend it. Unavailable in any form for almost 30 years, it's finally available on DVD. I really enjoyed it, but it's worth seeing just for the awesome, completely over the top, second person narration.

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