Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

1. I'm taking Social Psychology because I have to and Cognitive Neuroscience because it's being taught by my adviser.

2. Research and writing will hopefully pick up a bit in the next few weeks. At some point I'll spend days and days looking at brains.

3. I have a vague notion of trying to be less stressed this year. Also, I'm going to try to leave school at a reasonable hour occasionally.

4. I'm inexplicably TAing in the library. I have no idea where the room is. Tomorrow is going to be an adventure.

5. There is a progress meeting this Wednesday. I'm expecting that my class is going to be incredibly stressed out after it's over. Luckily, there is going to be pizza.

6. I signed up for an art class. Seems like it'll be fun even if the description of how we're going to turn off our right hemispheres is a little disconcerting.

What does these random sentences all mean?

I will probably post less often. Though, maybe I'll start writing about things more meaningful than Batman.

Ok, so probably not.

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