Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wayne Maine vs. NYC

I visited the American Natural History Museum with my grandparents. There were a lot of fossils and broken astronomy exhibits but, perhaps most importantly, we saw a video about the creation (and eventual destruction) of the sun narrated by Whoopi Goldberg.

Here are some pictures of dinosaurs with potentially amusing captions. Everything is blurry because most of the fossils are behind glass. Also, New Yorkers are pushy and don't care that you are trying to take a picture. Either that or I was just being obnoxious and wearing a Red Sox hat.

Gamara, the friend of all children (jet engines not pictured).

This guy was happy to see us. I think it was because he has an army helmet for a body.

-insert not at all dated Jurassic Park reference here-

Little known fact, some dinosaurs had iron bodies....

...and some dinosaurs had no bodies at all.

Sorry creationism, Archaeopteryx lithographica.

Dinosaur Dance Party?

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