Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Content has been sporadic for awhile, but I posting will slow down for the rest of the year.  Between the normal end of the semester crunch and the holidays, I doubt there will be much in the way of interesting things to post anyways.

Using Grooveshark, I've compiled a list of the music I've really enjoyed from the last year or so.  There are a lot of things that aren't included on here for a variety of reasons, but in lieu of me posting anything interesting (and because I like posting more than just text), here is a sample what I've been forcing my labmates to listen to all year. 

The full mix (which only exists on my iTunes) has some South African rock music, some more folk-rock sounding things, and some incredibly happy sounding post-rock.  Nevertheless, I think there is a fair amount of variety here.  This is the kind of thing that results from me being forced to do programming for hours on end.

*Happy Thanksgiving.

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