Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New from Trent Reznor

Now that Nine Inch Nails is on some sort of strange indefinite hiatus, new work is trickling out from Trent Reznor's various side projects.

The first is his wife's new band, How to Destroy Angels.  The first track from the new EP is out and its.... a little flat.  I like the production well enough, but the whole thing seems kind of by the numbers.

Its not bad per se, just not anything earth shattering.  There are some clips of the band's official site that give me some hope that the rest of the project will be a bit more dynamic.  Word is the rest of the EP (and the forthcoming album) will sound less like The Fragile which, even though I really like The Fragile, is probably a good thing.

No word yet on whether the new EP will be released free online or through more traditional methods.

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