Friday, October 15, 2010


Ordinarily this blog doesn't get much in the way of feedback. Recently though, I've started getting a lot of anonymous, mean-spirited, comments on posts made weeks or months ago.

Though I've been neglecting it recently, I like using this blog as a way to improve my writing and articulate my thoughts. Feedback, though rare, is a part of that. To put it mildly, the tone of the recent comments has been neither interesting nor constructive.

I'm not disabling comments or disallowing anonymous commenting, but I've changed some things in the background so that comments made on old posts (30+ days old) will be screened before they appear online. In the spirit of open and free communication I'd rather not screen comments at all, but I also don't want hateful comments appearing in a space that I ostensibly sponsor.

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Dylan said...

Weird...I also got some anonymous, rather mean-spirited comments on my blog around the same time you did (mid-October?). I totally agree with your perspective, I want people to respond/post comments freely but with courtesy and respect.

Maybe we can figure out who this "anonymous" is? :-)