Thursday, December 30, 2010

Notes from the Airport

I'm sitting at my terminal waiting for a flight that doesn't board for another hour and a half.  I guess when Delta advised me to get here excessively early they were being sarcastic.  Anyway, because I got here so early, I got to watch the TSA set up the security.  Turns out the whole processes is kind of ridiculous.

I got in line to get my ID check only to find that the women sitting at the counter was a random Long Islander rather than a staff member.  When the staff person showed up, she recited all the rules to the massive crowd of two people standing before her.  Meanwhile all sorts of staff were going through the detectors and checking their own bags.  Through out the whole process, everyone was quick to ensure I wasn't in the first class line.  Even though there weren't any passengers in first class.  Also I had to go through the entire cattle line even though there wasn't anyone else in line.

I didn't have to deal with backscatter radiation or a body search or anything, so I'm not really complaining.  Maybe the lack of sleep is just making this process seem funnier than it really is.

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