Sunday, November 2, 2008

I really have no idea how to make chili

Ingredients! Roommates yelling at me for messing up the oven!

This looks like something Godzilla would eat... well this and Tokyo I guess.

I don't recommend rubbing your eyes after cutting hot peppers... or rubbing hot peppers in your eyes... or cutting hot peppers using only your eyes.

Two of those option lead to sadness and one is physically impossible.

The little bit of green in the pool of beef fat makes chili the healthy choice.

Doesn't look so appetizing at this stage I guess.

Don't ever eat chipotle peppers straight from the can: down that path lies madness.

Chili in some indeterminate number of moderately easy steps!

Multifunctional, chili can also be used as a dip or a thing to store your cheese on top of.

Chili for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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Kevin said...

i just discovered your blog! you should have told me about it! so yeah learned the never rub your eyes after cutting hot peppers the hard way also. my hands felt warm for a few days after that. damn you/bless you capsaicin!