Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better news

In light of my last post, I thought I'd give a short update on some of the good things going on here at Stony Brook.

Classes started last week and although I'm going to be busy reading millions of articles, my courses look to be both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable. My course on memory looks to be especially interesting... which is good considering memory research is a large part of what I'm doing here.

In terms of research, I'm starting work on my first year project and finally learning how to design experiments and work with fMRI images. Its a lot of programming and things that I never thought I'd be doing but its pretty enjoyable so far. Now if I could figure out how to work spm5, I'd be all set.

My lab is taking a new student this year, so I've been meeting with prospective students and responding to e-mails. So far the candidates have been strong with at least one of them already receiving an offer from the department. Hopefully at least one accepts lest I be the only student in my lab next year.

Finally, after 3,000 years of epic battle with the mailroom, I've been able to secure a new mailbox key. Feel free to send me letters, cookies, howlers, or whatever else.

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