Monday, February 9, 2009


So after much delay, our new magnet arrived today. When I first arrived here, I was told that it would be arriving within weeks. When my adviser did her job talk here she was told the same thing... that was seven years ago.

Once the new fMRI facility is up and running we'll be able to do research without having to deal with the ludicrousness of Stony Brook University Hospital. This week alone, we've been chided for simply using the scanner to do research, had our equipment tampered with, and had the hospital's network go down. Furthermore, we'll be able to do scans during the day (as opposed to 8-10 at night) and we won't have to negotiate through hospital waiting rooms and clinical areas.

I'll post some pictures once the building is finished. We're not allowed in the building yet as they are still finishing up some of the construction and delivering the liquid nitrogen.

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