Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So A-Rod used steriods...

In case you missed it, Alex Rodriguez using steroids is the most important thing to ever happen. Apparently its surprising that someone who puts up these kinds of numbers would need to use performance enhancing drugs to do so. What is surprising is that using steroids apparently make you a terrible hitter in September, October, or anytime you're in a clutch situation.

The hitting records will probably always be tarnished by steroid use, even if A-Rod had remained drug-free, there would still be the legacy of Bonds, McGuire, and Sosa. Maybe MLB should just give the career homerun record back to Hank Aaron.

No one liked A-Rod before this anyways, so the only real change will be that the Fenway faithful will have something new to yell at him when the Yankees come to town. Oh and he should probably give up all those bonuses he gets for breaking hitting records...

Finally, in an unrelated note look at which two teams are predicted to have the best records this season. Not that a Red Sox/Cubs world series will ever happen... but I'll take another championship thank you very much.

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