Friday, September 25, 2009

Ridiculous Things (Mostly Relating to Academia)

1. Apparently I've been overpaying my rent. For the next three months I will be underpaying my rent to compensate.

2. Because Monday is a holiday and we've already had a large number of Monday holidays this semester, Stony Brook has now decided that Tuesday is Monday. Monday is now Sunday II, Wednesday is still Wednesday, and I am confused.

3. Regardless of Tuesday being Monday, my TA assignment for that day has been canceled. This effectively gives me more nights to work on a grant proposal a four day weekend.

4. My adviser is worried that people are spending too much time on their homework for her class. This is exacerbated by her grading system which makes it possible to get a 1.889 on a 2 point assignment. Her solution is to stop telling us our grades so we won't worry so much about them.

5. Progress meetings are really boring. Though being one of the few omnivores in a department of vegetarians (no Veagens... this isn't Clark) has it's advantages when pizza is served.

6. I've been printing off E-Books and instruction manuals for SPM and other software using my 40 page per day printing quota. This is going to take awhile.

7. Two weeks ago I brought my car to a garage because I had a check engine light on. Yesterday I brought it back to be inspected after said light had come back on. Miraculously it passed inspection and everything seems to be working fine. I am however down a quarter tank of gas between when I dropped it off and when I picked it up.

8. A 24 hour deli opened up down the street from me. It closes at midnight and serves breakfast.

9. Stony Brook is very worried about Swine Flu. Undergraduate students have been told not to come to class if they think they are infected. Undergraduate students need more excuses not to come to class.

10. I cleaned out my office over the summer with the hopes of keeping it better organized this year. Currently I have about 6 square inches of free space on my desk.

11. Undergrads really like it when classes get out earlier. Their TAs probably like it a lot more. Also, knocking on every door in the psych department is not the best way to find said TAs.

12. Almost every social psychology paper we've read in class so far has used fMRI. This makes my brain hurt.

13. Last year I would occassionally find my labmates sleeping in the lab. I thought this would end when most of them graduated. Apparently not. I thought I'd be the one to sleep on the lab couch first, I thought wrong.

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