Friday, February 4, 2011


If you are one of the approximately three frequent readers of this blog you've probably noticed some changes recently.

In addition to changing the look of the blog (again!), I've added some pages to the header devotes to my 8Tracks mixes, pictures of my brain, and some RSS feeds from other sites.  Mostly I'm just playing around with blogger's new features and experimenting with other blogging tools (the RSS page is actually streamed from a Tumblr account, for example).  I'll update each page periodically.

I've also realized that my writing for this blog has changed quite a bit recently.  I've started using the blog as less an account of what I'm doing and more as a forum to publish (albeit on a micro scale) writing about various topics I'm interested in.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to force myself to do some actual writing every now and then and I think this change is an evolution of that.  I might try some more challenging writing in soon (ie writing about something people might actually be interested in) or I may continue experimenting with the style of writing I've adopted more recently.  Either way, please feel free to comment on anything posted here, even if its super critical.

If you read this blog to follow my day to day activities, I apologize, as the blog is sort of moving away from that. I'll still post lots of personal things obviously, but my daily activities generally consist of working in the lab and then going to sleep.  I'd hate to read a daily account of that, nevermind write it.

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