Friday, February 25, 2011

New Music

This starts out a little slow, then picks up a bit, then flies completely off the rails.  The title is, of course, from Twin Peaks.

If you listen, you'll probably notice a bit of an international flair to a lot of the songs on here.  None of it is world music per se.  But since I'm constantly trying to find new, interesting things to listen to, I've been starting to get into music made by artists outside the U.S.  I'm particularly obsessed with Boris, the Japanese band on here.  Their back catalogue is all over the place, ranging from doom metal to relatively mainstream sounding indie rock.

The Radiohead song on the mix is from their recently released collection.  I hesitate to use the word album, since it was released primarily online.  I'm still debating whether or not Radiohead actually understands how internet distribution works, given that they charged money for a digital release that was downloadable for free seconds after the initial release.  I happen to think that the Nine Inch Nails distribution model (release songs for free, make money on peripheral merchandise) makes more sense in 2011, but Radiohead probably knows more about this kind of thing than I do.

As for the content of the collection, I like the song that I put on the mix, but I don't think the whole package is particularly strong.  A lot of the songs seem like fragments or sketches of songs rather than anything fit to be released.  Its worth a listen definitely, but I don't like it nearly as much as any of their actual albums. 

...I'll post another mix soon.  Expect that one to be a bit less crazy.

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