Saturday, April 16, 2011

They Live

Sort of a random selection here.  Thanks to the internet I'm listening to a lot of bands that aren't signed to labels, don't have any albums, and play in venues on the other side of the world.  Its kind of crazy.  I was reading recently about the technology that will probably replace blue-ray and I can't help but wonder if anyone is even going to bother with buying physical media by then.  Heck, I haven't even bothered getting a blue-ray player.

In terms of the actual mix, its the usual mess of stuff.  I usually can't get into LCD Soundsystem, but I like the track on here quite a bit.  Maybe because its a cover?  I'm not sure.  The title of the mix is, of course, the best line from the best thing Roddy Piper has ever done.

....And I'm all out of Bubblegum!

1. The Grey Ship- EMA
2. The Alter- Why Oak
3. Spell- Slowdance
4. Back Where I Began- Pure X
5. Lord Knows Best- Dirty Beaches
6. Do What You Will- Papercuts
7. The Park- Secret Cities
8. As I've Known- The Wrens
9. I'm Losing Myself- Robin Pecknold (w/ Ed Droste)
10. Advice and Vices- Chelsea Wolfe
11. Casual Diamond- SLEEP ∞ OVER
12. Go Outside- Cults
13. Live Alone- LCD Soundsystem

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