Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here Forever

The last "How Research Works" post is based on an actual conversation that occurs often in my lab.  I've participated in it multiple times, both as the junior grad student and more recently as the bitter senior grad student.  In a couple of months I'll be the senior-most student in the lab which means that bitterness and cynicism will be expected of me.

This week's mix is a bunch of stuff that has been kicking around my iTunes for awhile.  No real theme this week, I'm thinking that the next mix will have to be something a bit more light hearted.

Don't Forget. Here Forever

1. Astroid Exile- Screen Vinyl Image
2. Magnetic Moon- Crystal Stilts
3. Perfect Life- Belong
4. Breath the Fire- The Soft Moon
5. Keep Slipping Away- A Place to Bury Strangers
6. The Silence Ends- The Vera Violets
7. End Times- Weekend
8. Lovely Weather- The Vandelles

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