Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Wolverine Trailer

So it turns out Darren Aronofsky won't be directing The Wolverine after all.  Marvel and Fox have just put out their short list of possible directors.  Some interesting choices on there, with Mark Romanek being the standout choice.  The rest of the list is made up of decent directors, though no one save Romanek has made anything I've been a particular fan of.

Gary Shore is probably the least known name on the list.  He has, however, already directed a trailer for the film.  I should note that no part of the movie has started production, so the trailer was probably made on spec as part of a campaign for the job.  Its interesting and may just be a preview for what the movie will ultimately be like.

The trailer for Shore's directorial debut, The Cup of Tears is also worth a look.  A full length version of this would probably look a lot like Sucker Punch, but the trailer is pretty neat.  Like the proposed new Wolverine movie, it features a bunch of ninjas fighting robots.

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