Friday, April 29, 2011

Moebius vs Galactus

I'm always seeking out new, interesting things to read or watch.  After reading Blacksad (which is outstanding) and seeing all kinds of TinTin stuff around Montreal, I've been trying to get into European comics.  Its sort of intimidating.  Not only is (mostly) everything not in English, but the system of publication is completely different, and I don't know enough about the creators to get any sort of reference.

So far, I've found the works of Moebius to be a good entryway into European comics.  Not only is he prolific across multiple genres, but he is so well known that a fair amount of his work has been published in English. His style is also rather familiar given how much influence he has had on the look of American comics (and American sci-fi movies) over the last several decades.  

Incidentally, Moebius was responsible for the art on my favorite thing ever written by Stan Lee, Silver Surfer: Parable.  Its out of print at the moment, but I really can't recommend it enough.

From Silver Surfer: Parable
by Stan Lee and Moebius

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