Monday, April 25, 2011

Vacation Batman

This is late because I was on vacation last week.  I have a few of these in the can now, so it should be smooth sailing for the next few weeks.  The mix is some old stuff, some new stuff, and some stuff in between.

I don't know anything about the context in which the picture was taken, I can only assume it was awesome.

Old Brand New

1.  Tuesday Moon- Neutral Milk Hotel
2.  Deep Blue Sea- Grizzly Bear
3.  Stamp- The Rural Alberta Advantage
4.  Shine- Apples (In Stereo)
5.  Angela Surf City- The Walkmen
6.  Old Flame- Arcade Fire
7.  Grown Ocean- Fleet Foxes
8.  Satellite- The Kills
9.  Another Sky- Akron/Family

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