Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hal Jordan is the Worst Green Lantern

Warning: Inane nerd ranting ahead.

I think my criticisms of the forthcoming Green Lantern movie are well documented.  Other than my distaste for most things involving Geoff Johns, the main problem I have, even more than the trailer looking like a horribly animated cartoon, is that Hal Jordan is the worst Green Lantern.  Literally any of other characters who hold the Green Lantern moniker would make for a more interesting movie than Hal Jordan.

Seriously, John Stewart (superhero architect and former marine) has already been featured on television for years and Kyle Raynor (former artist adapting to his role as the last of the superhero policemen) is frankly the most interesting character to be featured in a Green Lantern comic.  Even Guy Gardener (angry dude that got punched out by Batman once) is more interesting than Hal Jordan, and he is one of the least interesting comic characters ever.  Any one of those characters (or any combination of them) could be featured in an interesting movie about alien space policemen fighting evil from beyond imagination.  Hal Jordan?  No so much.

Maybe in the 1950's professional test pilot with no fear was enough of a characterization to get by, but in 2011 I think we deserve a little more depth from our superheroes.

With all that said, click behind the cut to read about one of the best Green Lanterns.

Though the human characters would doubtless be more marketable for a film franchise, given the events of Green Lantern Corps #66, I think its apropos to spotlight one of my favorite of the non-traditional Green Lanterns- MOGO.  I mean, c'mon, what is more comics than a superhero planet!  The fact that he (it?) was first featured in a story by the creative team behind the best superhero comic of all time doesn't hurt.

From Green Lantern #188
By Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

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Anonymous said...

I only buy GL right now because Sinestro is 10X a better lantern than Hal. I would love a book about the GL Rot Lop Fan.